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Our team includes a unique set of AI experts, with PhD and Masters degrees in the area, and both strong academic and industrial backgrounds, of over 15 years of experience. The strong publications and patents record, in addition to the strong academic link makes the team capable of conducting both applied and basic research in the Area of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In addition, due to the long industrial experience of the team, and having the right development talents, the team is capable of running machine learning projects at different levels, including the Proof-of-Concept, integration and deployment, and can also integrate and support external development teams to help them deploy their Machine Learning applications. Thanks to the high calibers in the team, we provide very efficient trainings in the area of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.



Our team of experts in the field of AI, with a wide academic and industrial experience of over 15 years, are the best consultants to help you fast integrate AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning into your business or application, with close integration with your development and product teams.


Equipped with strong academic background, and access to a wide range of universtiy students, our team is capable of conducting basic and applied research in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Thanks to the wide academic and research expertise, we can quickly capture the state-of-the art, and advance it, in different areas of AI; Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, OCR,...etc. Thanks to our mixture of industrial and academic experience, we can provide a working Proof-of-Concepts (PoC), that can give you get early idea of how AI can empower your application area.


Fast Integration and Deployment of AI into your application

Thanks to our team wide industrial and application experience, we can quickly integrate and deploy AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning core technologies into your business applications. We have wide experience deploying Machine Learning models both on cloud and web-based applications, and also in IoT and embedded devices.


We provide a wide variety of trainings in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, at all levels. We have tuned trainings for different application domains; Computer Vision, NLP, OCr, Speech,...etc. Our trainings cover both the practical and theoritical aspects. Our trainings portfolio include project-based and on-job courses that help to turn your team into experts in the field. Check our training website: http://coursatai.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/









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